3 main technological advances in the port sector


The port sector  is experiencing important technological advances that have mainly been caused by the need to devise new methods and policies for the sustainability of this industry after the pandemic caused by Covid-19, but what are these advances in terms of innovation? And more importantly, how are they benefiting the sector today?

Just this time we will be commenting on these advances in order to expand knowledge on the subject and even take advantage of this information for good business growth.


The port sector continues to benefit thanks to innovation and technology

Given the times of uncertainty experienced in the port sector  during the times of pandemic, it is interesting how the industry has managed not only to keep operating smoothly, but also to exceed expectations at the financial level, being a clear proof of this the different acquisitions between companies that they have seen in the last 2 years.

The good health enjoyed by the logistics and port sector  is being reinforced by the implementation of new innovative technologies that guarantee a future full of productivity.


Within these technologies, we can mention three that have already been offering excellent results, such as:


5G networks

5G networks are the perfect example of how technology can benefit us in various aspects of daily life, this sector being a reflection of what has already been mentioned, especially for the power and versatility that this type of network can offer to such a competitive sector.

The advantage with this new type of networks is its speed when transmitting information with a high content of data over long distances, in addition to being able to be used in Artificial Intelligence systems, something that was not fully functional with 3G or 4G networks before given its speed. This network is already being implemented in important ports such as Hamburg during the construction of structures within the facilities.


The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things or “Internet of Things”, is another of the technologies that has come to stay providing extremely positive results to the port sector, since through 5G networks, it is possible to establish intelligent communication channels between several devices. Focusing on a clear scenario, we have as an example the automated system that follows the containers by means of sensors in the facilities of Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, a renowned Japanese carrier and with which the status of these containers can even be verified in terms of damage, unauthorized access, etc.


Systems based on augmented reality

What at first seemed like a simple visual experiment, has ended up being one of the most influential technologies in the industry of both home consumption and companies. The logistics sector has been able to take advantage of the advances made in augmented reality in a timely manner, since through it it is possible to show visual elements on glass, walls or other structures with important information about the ships that are about to arrive, the speed with which each one approaches, the basic information on the type of cargo of each ship,  the depth and temperature of the water, among other data.

With each new implementation, it becomes clear that technology coupled with the rapid response of methods and policies to changes in the sector, is undoubtedly the way forward.


Protect your infrastructure and goods with cargo insurance

Technology within the port sector is vital, however, the implementation of competent cargo insurance is also vital. Your investment and implemented technology deserve the advice of experts who perfectly understand the issue of risks, intelligent productivity and above all can give you that vital peace of mind for the proper development of your logistics operations. Contact us for more information on how we can offer you the best coverage that suits the specific needs of your business.



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