What does the ONUS freight insurance cover?

For most cases, ONUS insures against All Risks. This covers all losses caused by any external and accidental cause, such as:

  • Theft
  • Sinking
  • Loading and unloading maneuvers
  • Overturning of the transport
  • And many more…

How early can I insure my goods?

Your goods must be insured before their departure. However, this can be done a few days in advance; e.g., if your cargo is departing on the weekend, you can have it insured and ready to go as early as Thursday.

What is door-to-door coverage?

Door-to-door coverage means that your freight is insured from the time and place it begins transportation until its arrival at its final destination.

How much time do I have to report an incident with my freight?

Any incident with your freight must be reported immediately, i.e., as soon as you have knowledge of it.

How long until I receive my claims payment?

Compensation can vary on a case-to-case basis, mostly because it depends on how quickly
the insured forwards the proper documentation requested by the insurance company.

Once the paperwork has been sent and received, the insurance company has 30 calendar
days to conduct the payment, given that it found no discrepancies during the process.

Can I insure damaged goods?

Unfortunately, no. Damaged goods are excluded from coverage under the terms of our policy.

Is ONUS licensed insurance broker?

Yes! ONUS is licensed by the Florida Department of Financial Services (DICE) for international brokerage in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world.

What does it mean to insure an additional 10%?

This is an optional feature that insures an additional 10% of the stated value of your goods, considering transportation and handling costs that weren’t previously noted, i.e., in the event of an incident that requires extra costs, such as: temporary storage, rescue and salvage, repackaging, etc.

What are ordinary transit risks?

Transit risks are all the risks the cargo is exposed during land, air, or sea transit, e.g., crash or overturning of the transport, lightning, fire, or other types of accident.

Can I insure the freight that my cargo is in?

Yes, you can insure both national and international transportation (this is an optional