Logistics 4.0: The digital revolution in the logistics sector


Although logistics 4.0 has already begun to show its first advances in recent years, it promises to continue providing unprecedented innovations in this important sector. The interconnection between devices, accompanied by Artificial Intelligence, is practically imminent and will benefit both customers and companies involved in this technological movement.

These changes are revolutionizing the way carriers and end customers interact with their orders in transit, providing detailed information that decades ago was simply inconceivable in the industry. The reduction of operating costs and a substantial improvement in delivery times are just some of the changes that can already be perceived thanks to this new logistics modality.


Logistics 4.0: The Technological Revolution in the Transport Sector

 Logistics 4.0, also known as the “fourth industrial revolution”, is the combination of the logistics sector and several technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Big Data, sensors, and the most recent advances in robotics especially focused on automating the processes of preparation of packages and their subsequent shipment.

The implementation of all of the above makes shipments increase their efficiency, reducing the percentage of errors either during the creation of the order as well as during transportation procedures, thanks to a more precise tracking of the merchandise and any eventuality that it may experience in the journey.

Referring to its characteristics, we can focus on those of greater relevance, such as the digitization of internal or external processes, the frequent use of the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data for decision making, as well as hardware and software that work with Artificial Intelligence. As a result, the expansion of technology in the industry makes possible a better operational effectiveness, greater customer satisfaction and, consequently, a growth in the prestige of the transport company in question.


How is it revolutionizing the logistics sector?

The advances that logistics 4.0 continues to offer this sector are innumerable; however, the fourth industrial revolution will continue to have a significant boom in the coming years, perfecting aspects such as:

  1. An increase in the use of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in supply chains around the world.
  2. Systems that are no longer only visible from the services of a specific carrier, but from any platform oriented to shipments.
  3. Important changes in the different elements involved in the supply chain through the digitization and automation of internal processes.
  4. Expansion of tools that allow customers to keep track in real time of even the smallest detail in their goods.
  5. New technologies both in the form of hardware and software add additional levels of security to goods in transit.
  6. Boom in green methodologies that seek special care of the environment by minimizing emissions of polluting gases.

Undoubtedly, logistics 4.0 has begun to revolutionize the industry, providing unprecedented benefits for all parties involved and setting a new standard in the efficiency and quality of logistics service. 

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