Morocco and Tangier Med guide Africa to position itself in supply chain


The supply chain in Africa is on its way to exponential growth, thanks to the efforts that Morocco and Tanger Med continue to make to make this important continent a key player in terms of logistics.

This commitment has been confirmed in the most recent edition of TOC Africa, an event designed to strengthen trade and logistics relations between Morocco and Africa. This activity took place in the Moroccan port as a symbolic gesture about the promising future after the strengthening of this alliance.


Tanger Med and its 20 years contributing to the improvement of the supply chain.

Tanger Med has played a crucial role in supply chain improvements over the past 20 years of the project, providing significant tools and benefits to the African Union when it comes to logistics issues. In the same vein, Morocco took the opportunity to express its vision of the great importance of logistics in a continent like Africa, which will receive the necessary support from Tanger Med in order to also serve as a motivation and model to follow for the rest of the countries in the region.

Mohammed Abdeljalil, Minister of Transport and Logistics presented the achievements that have been made in areas such as technology, digitalization of processes, efficiency in cost savings and, above all, the reduction of environmental impact. During the event, he displayed a photograph of the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, as a show of support.

Among some of the most important excerpts from his speech, the minister commented that: “Morocco supports many international initiatives to fight climate change and has the full support of the King for its promotion.”


The indisputable importance of Tangier Med and Morocco in this project

In relation to the supply chain, it is interesting to note that, although Africa benefits from maritime trade by 90% at the international level, it had only been able to contribute to it with only 7% and 5% in exports and imports respectively. This situation required greater attention, considering that the ports of this continent did not always meet the new demands of an increasingly demanding and competitive sector.

Because of this, the collaboration between Morocco and Africa will simply be decisive to continue improving logistics management and offer the supply chain a really promising future in which the continent can position itself as a serious competitor against other powers that already have a good track record in the business.

Finally, it should be noted that the event was also attended by important personalities from the supply chain in the region, such as Fouad Brini, president of the Tangier Med group and Hassan Abkari, general director of the Tangier Med Port Authority.




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