New modality of container theft


A new type of theft has emerged, generating greater concern and insecurity among some transport companies in Mexico. It consists of the practice of stealing the goods previously stored in the containers that are destined to start their routes from the different plants to the corresponding ports.

This problem not only implies losses of merchandise for Mexican carriers, but also legal repercussions. Clients abroad have begun to process lawsuits after being affected in such an unfortunate situation. It underlines the need for robust cargo insurance that can actually respond to thefts like in this case.


A type of theft that only causes more problems in the logistics sector.

The current situation produced by this new type of theft, which further affects the integrity of the merchandise while it rests in the containers, has reached the knowledge of Norma Becerra, president of the Mexican Association of Shipping Agents (Amanac), who has already made a statement with the following statements on the subject:

“We have problems in that there are containers that steal merchandise from the plant to the port, the containers carry their seal, they carry the doors, they are not violated, that is, they remove the doors with everything and the bolts, they take merchandise out and when it arrives at destination there is less cargo and therefore Mexican exporters have high demands abroad because the cargoes do not arrive complete”

The theft perpetrated in containers continues to have an impact, not only on the reputational damage suffered by Mexican transport companies, but also on the upper echelons in charge of ensuring the proper functioning of the logistics sector. The Confederation of Industrial Chambers (Concamin) has announced that the goods that are a “perfect target” for criminals are food, construction materials, refractions, automotive products, medicines, hydrocarbons and even clothing and footwear.

“All goods that are sensitive for informal sale are the cargoes that are stolen the most. Here the problem is for importers and exporters who are the ones who are hit, without importing products, inputs, it affects you because you can no longer fulfill the contracts,” was what was reported by the confederation in the face of the growing practice that seriously affects the industry as such.


The need for cargo insurance grows along with thefts

The growth of this new type of theft coincides with the need for good cargo insurance, according to data provided by the regulatory body. There is a growth of 6.2%, which translates into some 12,740 crimes committed since November last year. José Abugaber, president of the Concamin, it has reported that motorcycle theft is considered the ideal means of transport to carry out thefts, with an increase of 18%. In addition, he points out that the use of these is currently growing due to their speed and flexibility, characteristics that unfortunately go in favor of criminals.




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