New spanish invention will make cargo trucks fly


Since the beginning of their existence, cargo trucks have had to face a constant problem, we talk about the wear in both tires and suspension due to the weight that these large vehicles must support during long journeys in which even fuel reserves are compromised generating more expenses to transport companies. Fortunately, this situation can be improved thanks to an extremely interesting invention that promises to lighten the weight of the load with the name of “Run & Save”, but what does it consist of?


What is the “Run & Save” system for cargo trucks?

This system that comes from the hand of the Spanish company “Eco Eolic Top System”, which according to information provided by Abdon Estefan, CEO of this company, manages to “eliminate” up to 5 tons per load through the use of spoilers that would be integrated into the top of the truck with the aim of circulating the air and raising it as it increases speed.

Thanks to this elevation the truck will receive less impact on the shock absorber, and other key components for its correct operation, during the mobilization of the goods.

In the words of Fernando Griñan, aeronautical engineer of the Official College of Aeronautical Engineers of Spain, the system works as follows: “This system makes the air pass faster through the top of the wing and slower through the bottom. In this way, a suction is generated up and a pressure down that lifts the wing, causing it to rise.”


Other advantages of the “Run & Save” system

By implementing the ”Run & Save” spoiler system,  cargo trucks not only reduce the weight of goods in transit, but also achieve considerable fuel savings of up to 25% and a decrease of up to 10% in tire wear. This in turn reduces the risk of accidents, due to the poor condition of the tires, thus protecting both the driver and other passers-by.

Another interesting fact provided by those responsible for this system is that drivers do not require any type of technical training when driving after installation, since ”Run & Save” works based on artificial intelligence that allows the inclination of the spoilers depending on the speed, acceleration or sudden braking that must be done at that time.

At the moment, the responsible company has already adapted the operation of its innovative system to 90% of the regulations of those countries where they wish to launch their product for integration into cargo trucks, setting the sights in marketing it from July of this year at a price that could be positioned between 12,000 and 15,000 dollars.



Flying trucks? This is the new Spanish invention called Run & Save. Transporte.MX


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