Panama, Mexico and Colombia at the top of shipping in the Americas and the Caribbean


Maritime transport continues to take America and the Caribbean as its standard, thanks to the development in logistics achieved by countries such as Panama, Mexico and Colombia. These nations have achieved quite remarkable percentages and total recognition when it comes to the increase in their indices respectively.

These data have been verified and published by UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), a non-governmental organization that aims to help the commercial expansion of countries, especially developing countries, by offering tools that allow them to evolve more fluidly, as has been the case of the aforementioned nations.


Maritime transport continues to grow strongly in the Americas and the Caribbean

UNCTAD has provided new information on the growth in maritime transport through its Shipping Line Connectivity Index (LSCI), reporting that several of these countries have outstanding positions. Mexico is ranked 28th, Panama 26th, Colombia 29th, Brazil 36th and Peru 37th. These rates are even higher than those recorded last year, something that is viewed with very good expectations by a large part of the logistics sector in the region.

It is equally important to emphasize the results released by Brazil, which managed to increase its LSCI index by 9% in just one year, climbing exactly 12 scales compared to the previous period. In Peru, the numbers continue to be promising, as the country has managed to raise its LSCI index by 13%, once again positioning it on the list of those nations that are best connected in terms of regional logistics.

In addition to these countries, El Salvador has also begun to see consistent results since the changes imposed by its president Nayib Bukele in terms of citizen security. This has consequently increased productivity and investment in aspects such as logistics, having a striking increase of 17.3%, climbing 11 positions within the world ranking. Other pleasant surprises in terms of this global growth have been Venezuela, with an increase of more than 16%, and Honduras, with a strong advance of 13%.


The best-connected countries globally

Maritime transport has enjoyed an enormous breadth despite some ongoing conflicts, such as those in the Red Sea, with countries that lead the world ranking with China as the main manager, with an abysmal LSCI of 1,187.1, South Korea with 640.3, Singapore with 591.3 and finally with the United States, which remains at 493.8 due to the fact that it has not shown significant progress in terms of transport connectivity maritime, although it does have the potential to raise these numbers in the future.

As complementary data on maritime transport, it should be considered that the LSCI uses verifiable elements such as the number of ships in transit, the number of departures made per week, the number of services carried out and the number of shipping companies, among other relevant data.



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