Park made of containers for environmental protection


Environmental  protection represents one of the biggest concerns not only in the international logistics sector, but also in countless companies in other areas and governments around the world. The effects of climate change are becoming increasingly evident,  so knowing about the existence of construction projects such as the one carried out by ATÖLYE Labs for  the Ege University, is a tremendous advance when we talk about the use of sustainable resources.  But what does this peculiar project consist of?

This project based on the use of cargo containers has had as its purpose the construction and commissioning of an interesting complex of offices that make up an advanced technological park located in the region of Izmir, Turquía. This complex is intended to allow an interdisciplinary collaboration with a total of 35 transport containers that were previously inoperative, resulting in this architectural work in which minimalism and energy efficiency enjoy.

According to data provided by those responsible for the project, this technology park has modern LED lighting facilities in order to reduce daily consumption in each part of the complex, floors made of natural materials,windows designed to achieve greater lighting with natural light inside each office, sanitary facilities with all the comforts and other components that even reduce heat and therefore,  They reduce the excess in the use of air conditioners inside the park.


A project that highlights environmental protection

ATÖLYE Labs has created a project that undoubtedly attracts attention both in terms  of environmental protection  based on ecology, safety and above all on efficiency with respect to energy consumption, a particularly important point when building works of this type. 

As commented by ATÖLYE Labs, this technology park has its origins in what was previously the rubble of a demolished building in the university facilities and that was later used to place the 35 containers along with other construction materials that were not being used, which were about 12 kms in the port of Izmir,  So the  elements were already ready for the start of this amazing scientific area.

The use of these construction materials has been used excellently, since in the surroundings of the park it is possible to notice how they were used in a large part of the exteriors that make up these lands. Within this context, it is simply admirable to see the minimalist effect achieved in the columns, beams, electric trays, very easily accessible plugs, heating systems, cooling within  the study areas and above all the ability of the park to be modified thanks to its modular design in case of requiring any large-scale changes in the future. 

Once the different characteristics have been reviewed at a functional and aesthetic level, we can assure that we are facing a work that can even serve as an example for other construction projects both in Turkey and in other parts of the world in terms of environmental protection. If you want to know recent news about international transportation logistics, visit our blog.



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