Strategies to improve efficiency in distribution centers


Distribution centers can handle millions of dollars in merchandise in just a matter of months, which makes it imperative that they operate flawlessly for customers and carriers who expect quality service. In addition, efficiency internally must keep up with the demands of today’s market.

Therefore, having centers that distribute goods making the most of the available resources, while at the same time reducing expenses, is the sure way to achieve distribution cycles with the least possible losses.


Advantages of having good distribution centers

In addition to the above, having good distribution centers takes your business to new horizons when it comes to logistics. Delivery times are significantly reduced, improving customer service with faster deliveries and more efficient storage of goods. There is also greater flexibility in local and international deliveries, among other advantages that are perceived in the short term.

To enjoy these advantages, it is essential to implement the best strategies to achieve remarkable efficiency in your merchandise distribution centers.


Key Strategies for Maximum Efficiency in Distribution Tasks

Although investing in distribution centers is simply a vital point for the proper development of your logistics activities, there are a series of strategies that we recommend carrying out in order to guarantee the best accuracy in the processes and an intelligent use of the different elements that make it up.

Below, we show some of the strategies that can already be implemented in these centers thanks to technology and development in new logistics procedures.

  • The location of the center is a factor of great importance, especially if it is close to transportation routes such as roads, seaports, railway lines, etc.
  • The use of technology when it comes to organizing inventory is undoubtedly a strategy that we should not ignore, since, although it involves an expense that is often considerable, the return on investment will be more than enough, not to mention the satisfaction of customers and other partners by having automated processes.
  • Establishing and maintaining good business relationships with carriers and other third-party services will ensure consistency of deliveries and speed up response times to any eventuality.
  • Staff training is another of the most important strategies that we recommend applying in your distribution infrastructure, since employees who are up to date with the latest in their area, and who also handle merchandise in an agile and safe way, can be the hallmark of your business.


Last but not least, taking out cargo insurance for your distribution centers is a strategy that both you and your customers around the world will value infinitely. It offers peace of mind and satisfaction by making fast and safe deliveries, backed by the best expert advice at ONUS Insurance.




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