¿What is door-to-door delivery service?


For decades, door-to-door delivery was an exclusive model of mail services. However, since the e-commerce boom started in 1998, it has become a vital part of important players such as E-bay or Amazon, which in turn counts on logistical support from other logistics companies such as FedEx, to mention one.

Regarding international transport, this model provides a wide range of opportunities that will undoubtedly result in higher levels of productivity and cost reductions. But what do we mean by this type of delivery? This model consists of the action of mobilizing the goods the buyer has purchased online directly to their home or office. From another perspective, it is to transport the merchandise from the warehouse to a location previously specified by the customer in the purchase process.

Under an international transport scenario, it is worth noting that elements such as Incoterms must be considered, which are essential when specifying clearly and precisely the type of conditions referring to the delivery of the items, the type of conveyance (air, sea, land) etc.


Elements and benefits of door-to-door delivery

At this point, it is easy to understand that this represents an increase in comfort and convenience for the buyer, who expect to receive the merchandise in the agreed date or time. There are also other factors needed to guarantee the success of this logistics model:

  • Classification and organization of the merchandise.
  • Prompt notification about the buyer’s order.
  • Packaging process of the items to be transported.
  • Constant control over the amount of stock available
  • Optimization of the different shipping routes.
  • Assignment of the appropriate means of transport depending on the type of goods to be delivered.
  • Shipment tracking from origin point to delivery point


When it comes to additional benefits, we may mention:

  • A lower environmental impact because the order goes from point A to point B.
  • A reasonable reduction in operating costs since, during shipping, there will not be as many intermediaries as usually happens in other transport models.
  • The risk of damage or loss is diminished by the fact that the delivery process is less cumbersome compared to the alternatives.
  • Usually, the cost of these services is included in the price of the product to be purchased, except in some special cases.
  • The communication and resolution of possible conflicts is done in a more direct, fast and efficient way.


While these are just some of the many benefits of opting for this type of delivery, these are the most important in terms of the direct impact they have on the customer.


Cargo insurance as a vital part of today’s logistics

Door-to-door delivery turns out to be a complete solution when it comes to reducing costs, achieving greener processes and achieving higher levels of satisfaction with respect to the service provided. However, an ideal way to complement all the experience and protect the investment made in goods is through advice in logistics risks.  Contact us and let us help your insurance provide the right coverage in the event of an unforeseen event related to your cargo.



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