Yiwu, China, is home to 60% of the world’s Christmas products


Did you know that 60% of the world’s Christmas products are made in China? More specifically in Yiwu, a region that has experienced interesting growth in terms of the manufacture of these products since 2016 to become key to supplying a large number of consumers from different countries during the Christmas festivities.

In a great example of how China continues to be a leader in manufacturing all kinds of products in a large-scale format, it is known that there are more than 750 companies that are entirely dedicated to the manufacture of Christmas decorations and various utensils used during these holidays, according to data provided by the Yiwu Christmas Products Association.


Manufacture and export of these Christmas products from around the world

The staff in charge of assembling what are already considered the Christmas products of the  world come from different rather remote rural areas in search of better opportunities through work that, despite not enjoying the best conditions compared to the West, allows them to support their families in the most dignified way possible. Although these factories are located in Yiwu, almost 80% of the production is carried out for export to other countries around the world, focusing on the local market only in the last two months of each year.

One of the heads of these companies says that the demand from the local market continues to grow due to the popularity that Christmas is generating in cities and towns in China. Small shops and shopping malls are the main buyers locally, which means new economic income opportunities for the Yiwu region, considering that they already enjoy considerable profits from selling ornaments abroad.


Profits and growing demand despite constraints

Although the export of these so-called Christmas products from around the world has suffered certain blows from the previous conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, the business continues to generate sources of employment and notable economic income thanks to the work of employees who receive between 3,000 and 4,000 yuan, which with the conversion would be about 420 and 560 dollars per month. Regarding how the Christmas decoration industry continues to grow, Qiu Xuemei, a trader with extensive experience in the sector, says that despite the aforementioned drawbacks, exports continue to maintain a good pace because they have focused almost entirely on doing business with North and South American countries.  even having teams of designers in the United States and Europe with the idea of offering them ideas for the next wave of ornaments. 

A curious fact, by way of conclusion, is that both the merchants and also the employees hired to assemble the products do not feel a genuine desire to celebrate Christmas, but rather a desire to be able to increase their finances, especially during these holidays.




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