Element Logic adds autonomous robots to its portfolio


Autonomous robots have been gaining prominence in supply chains around the world, and with the Covid-19 pandemic the need to use these devices increased in order to reduce human labor and avoid an increase of contagion, with China being the main promoter of this type of highly advanced practices.

As in all major crises, industries have managed to take advantage of any alternative method with the idea of improving it and making it the rule of everyday life, taking as a good example the logistics sector, which continues to benefit from this type of robots with automatic functionalities.

Following the trend, the company Element Logic has formalized an important agreement with Addverb Technologies including its autonomous robots in its product catalog.


Autonomous robots with state-of-the-art technology

As for the operation of these innovative autonomous robots, it should be noted that they are controlled by an intelligent system based on swarm technology and other additional features such as the ability to move through laser beams. The latter makes it possible that these robots do not require prior programming with respect to the routes they must follow, since the integrated system is responsible for carrying out all the management in an automated way.

Addverb Technologies robots represent an advance for the logistics industry thanks to an interesting combination of hardware and software that comes to solve a series of problems that previously seemed a considerable obstacle, but that have now become “a thing of the past” after this agreement signed by both companies.


A highly viable solution for Element Logic logistics processes

The implementation of these autonomous robots within the daily processes of Element Logic represents an unprecedented opportunity for improvement in the history of the company, since through the use of these will achieve greater performance in the workflows in each warehouse in addition to procedures related to orders and replenishment with a more agile pace,  resulting in better compliance in meeting the high demand within this sector, as commented by Pieter Feenstra, Managing Director of Addverb EMEA.

Undoubtedly, these are especially interesting times for companies involved in the logistics business and such technological advances will benefit both partners and final consumers.


’Element Logic incluye en su intralogísticas robots móviles autónomos’’. Nexolog

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