Fintech seeks solution in digital payments for logistics sector


Over the years, digital payments have grown significantly on various platforms focused on the final consumer due to the convenience that this modality offers, also providing an extra level of security by not having to leave home to comply with these obligations.

Considering the effectiveness of this type of payments, it is interesting to analyze the scarcity of proposals to make online payments in a sector as important as logistics, but what is being done to improve this situation and thus offer greater flexibility to transport companies?

The logistics sector continues to face certain obstacles in countries such as Mexico, although fortunately the technologies by Fintech to streamline payments made digitally are experiencing important advances with the aim of offering safe, fast, and efficient ways to complete these processes in the face of thousands of carriers within this necessary sector.


Fintech and its innovation in digital payments

Fintech have been making notable advances with the aim of improving the landscape of electronic payments by implementing truly intuitive platforms that allow companies dedicated to logistics to carry out banking transactions in a simple way and in a much shorter time. Thanks to such advances, small and medium-sized carriers have been the main beneficiaries of seeing how uncertainty and other insecurities related to a very long waiting time when collecting their bills continue to fall satisfactorily.

The success and efficiency of these platforms has attracted the attention of several investors around the world, who have firmly bet on technologies that have proven to be a positive turning point for the logistics sector. Only during this 2022 there was an investment of 43,600 million dollars in this lucrative market as reported by the consulting firm KPMG.

Despite the advances in digital payments, much of the sector recognizes that there are still challenges to overcome with respect to the level of payments and credits, since according to the words of Jaime Tabachnik, executive director of ”Solvento”, a company specialized in payment systems for carriers, this sector in Mexico is still quite green in terms of accessibility to credit facilities commenting:  “Thousands of carriers have never had access to credit and the ability to collect their bills in advance, as they usually have to wait for the full cycle, which is usually very long. 

Many times the carriers do not have certainty or certainty of when they will receive their money, so for them to do financial planning is impossible, because their payers are very informal. “

Although this uncertainty added to the distrust or extremely long waiting times when carriers can charge for their services are the main challenges to combat through the innovation of Fintech technologies, the recent achievements and investment received during this year are clear proof that the sector is undoubtedly following the right path in favor of digitizing payments and collections in an orderly manner.


Logistic advisors as an excellent resource

Nowadays, the logistics sector is highly complex and competitive, making the risk of damage, loss or millionaire delays due to the arrival of merchandise to its destination increasingly latent especially for those medium and small transport companies that with effort have built a reputation based on their good trajectory.

Given the imminent advance in digital payments and other technological means, having the support of experts in logistics risks who also know how to provide intelligent and perfectly adaptable recommendations to your business in terms of cargo insurance, has become an essential point if you want to safeguard the integrity of your shipments and more importantly,  The trust of your customers. If you want to know how we can help you, contact us



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