Logistics is a strategic sector that suffers a fall of 16%


The logistics sector turns out to be a strategic component  of vital importance for the various international economies. And it is that a world without logistics processes, simply could not develop with the same efficiency or guarantees of delivery results as those we see today.

For his part, Francisco Aranda, president of the UNO employers’ association, has reported that logistics has registered a 16% decrease in its activity since the first half of this year in Spain. The latter is a severe blow to the country’s economy, for which the logistics sector represents a significant avenue in terms of fundraising.

Aranda also said that they have been among the first to notice this decline in sales and that taking into account this decline, their optimism about the current situation is not so positive, especially when it has already been confirmed about an economic contraction that is already causing adverse effects due to a lower number in the transportation of packages.


Inflation continues to wreak havoc on this strategic sector

Inflation adds to the list of adversities that this strategic sector has been presenting, since it is important to mention that it has been dealing with the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic that still continues to leave consequences in international trade, also taking into account inflation that does not seem to show signs of a decrease in the near future.

In fact, the inflation affecting the country is expected to remain even until the end of this year, which generates an extra level of difficulty in terms of ingenuity and other mechanisms that could play in favor of the logistics sector to face a crisis of contenders that is becoming increasingly notorious.

Adding more context to the current situation, this important strategic sector  has expressed its dissatisfaction with the absence of PERTES (Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation) that really provide a feasible alternative for the various companies that have been affected by the current crisis that impacts so negatively the Spanish territory. 


The importance of good fund management and competent cargo insurance

The logistics sector is clearly one of the most important not only in countries like Spain, but also in any nation that wishes to seek competitive economic growth and sustainability against other powers, which means that the State must be a key ally in terms of achieving a good management of responsible funds and above all guarantee prompt assistance to the complaints of the companies that are part of this arm economic.

In this context, the uncertainty of the physical security itself or the prompt arrival of cargoes during their transport to a specific destination, is another concern that invades some companies in the logistics sector that are not necessarily properly insured to face any misfortune related to goods in transition.

Due to this, the hiring of specialized cargo insurance mainly in this important strategic sector  will be a more than opportune move in an international environment that currently requires greater protection at the logistical level. If you want advice to find and hire the best insurance for your cargo, contact us.



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