The best connectivity route for maritime transport


Maritime transport is, without a doubt, one of the most important components in current logistics, and is that the simple layout in terms of the course of departure and arrival of a cargo can be the difference between millionaire losses and receiving great economic benefits after the execution of a successful plan. 

Having the technology and a team of highly trained experts in logistics issues focused on transport by sea, not only ensures efficiency and cost control in your company, but also guarantees the levels of competitiveness necessary in a market as complex as the current one in which everyone is in constant search for the best routes in this line.


China: absolute king of maritime transport

In recent years, China has reached a remarkable position being considered as the best maritime connectivity route today with a profit margin higher than other regions globally. Here are some factors of its great success: 

China has an immense network of ports

The extensive network of ports that China possesses is clearly one of the factors that have given it that enviable leadership when we talk about maritime logistics. The Asian country has consolidated itself among the top positions thanks to a strong investment made accompanied by constant diplomatic work so characteristic of these countries.

Its commercial fleet is the 2nd largest in the world

In addition to having an extensive network of ports, China also enjoys an extremely remarkable efficiency in the transport of goods thanks to having what is considered the 2nd largest commercial fleet in the world, which makes it an almost inevitable partner when choosing the most convenient sea routes.

More than 172 maritime connectivity points

There is no doubt that China has been able to move in terms of its international relations in the maritime transport sector, something that can be immediately reflected in the more than 172 connectivity points around the world, which are much higher than in other regions, such as the 112 in South Korea,  the 103 in the United States or the 90 in the United Kingdom. China’s operational efficiency also came to light even during times of pandemic, something the international community has indisputably noticed.

China is the world’s leading assembler

The amount of products that are assembled and shipped from this country to the great powers of the world is perhaps the factor of greater weight in what concerns that privileged position that the Asian country has, and is that China, in addition to its strategic connectivity also has some of the largest assembly centers in the world and with greater capacity to meet the growing global demand.


The constant changes in the international arena demand the best protection in your merchandise

The logistics sector has undergone important changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the current crisis that is being experienced as a result of the war in Europe. This means that shipments are exposed to endless variants that can affect delivery times and the physical integrity of the packages.

Therefore, although maritime transport  is one of the best ways to move goods, it is essential to have cargo insurance to safeguard the sustainability of your company and the trust of your customers around the world. If you are interested in international cargo insurance available for your business, contact us and receive more information.


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