Green logistics: the new trend for the environment


Green logistics is not a recent issue within the world of international business. However, it has become more important because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the increase of medical supplies exports or other goods made out of such as plastic.


What is green logistics and what elements make it up?

When we talk about green logistics processes we refer to the set of practices that have as their main objective to reduce damage to the environment by implementing more friendly materials in terms of their decomposition to be later reused. In addition, transportation techniques are considered to have a minimal impact on the areas of operation in which the different means of transport (trucks, ships, airplanes, etc.) move and rest.


To achieve efficient ecological logistics, it is recommended to take into account:

  • Transportation with minimal CO2 emissions.
  • More sustainable storage by using sources such as sunlight to generate clean energy. 
  • Distribution is more friendly to the environment thanks to the integration of techniques that make possible a reduction of waste after finishing the loading tasks, just to mention an example.
  • Implementation of biodegradable materials in packaging tasks and reducing plastic.
  • The recycling of materials already used to make them suitable for subsequent reuse.


Benefits and intermodality as a key point

The correct integration of a green logistics sustainable enough for the company offers benefits such as:

  • It improves the image of the company due to its concern for the environment.
  • Significant resource savings are achieved that contribute to the environment.
  • Typically, companies certified as ”green” receive certain tax breaks.
  • Reduction of operational costs and consequently a greater saving of money.
  • Overall health is elevated by generating lower pollution levels.


To conclude, it is important to highlight the effectiveness of intermodality in green logistics, which is being widely used by large carriers when it comes to reducing the environmental impact significantly and which consists of sending the merchandise using two or more means of transport. Contact us and we will gladly be able to help you with specialized advice on cargo insurance for the continuous improvement of your export processes.



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