Logistics suffers an economic recession of 16% due to inflation


Logistics is experiencing an economic recession not only due to the container crisis, but also due to other factors resulting from the current situation generated by nations at war. This recession only aggravates the difficulties that the logistics sector has been presenting for a few years and that continues to be a key piece in the delivery of medicines, food, and other products of 1st necessity around the world.

A clear example of the havoc that the current panorama is causing can be seen in the European Union, specifically in Spain, where there is already a decline of 16% with respect to the shipments carried out to other destinations both nationally and internationally. This has been detailed by the company specialized in logistics UNO, which has already reported on the negative effects of the war between Ukraine and Russia, which has also generated a considerable drop in consumption habits in families and investment made by the business sector.

Timidity in terms of purchasing power in households and a greater slowness in the investment of various business projects are just some of the unwanted effects that will continue to prevail with inflation that is still very present.


An economic recession that has given battle on the logistics sector

The current recession because of inflation has posed a series of challenges for the logistics sector that, although it has been able to solve many of these negative impacts thanks to the innovation and implementation of technologies with a high level of efficiency, there are still certain drawbacks, which we share here: 


A reduction in international sales

One of the clear effects of this recession is reflected in the reduction of international sales, especially in the European Union, where the rise in prices of energy and basic consumer products have caused users to have reduced their purchasing power or in the worst case, postpone it indefinitely.


Fleets of vehicles totally or partially stagnant

Given the current economic recession, the rise in the price of fuels, as well as natural gas, is perhaps one of the factors that continues to wreak the most havoc on the logistics sector. This has caused countless companies to present difficulties due to the fact of having invested in gas vehicles, an element that has become as difficult to acquire as gasoline itself. The result? Thousands of fleets of vehicles stagnant for not being able to cope with this rise in prices.


Given these scenarios, the discontent of the Spanish logistics sector is added, which has expressed disappointment with the lack of support from the competent bodies in regulatory matters for the purposes of de hacer frente a la actual crisis de un modo eficiente, describiendo la situación actual como ‘’una gestión muy mejorable’’.


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