Mexico’s Industry Supply Chain arrives in Monterrey in August 2023


The Mexico’s Industry Supply Chain event will arrive for the first time in the city of Monterrey so that companies, suppliers, buyers and other members of the logistics sector can interact to form new business relationships. This event will be held on August 16 and 17 and promises to offer extremely positive results in terms of nearshoring. In the words of Rivas Rodríguez, Secretary of State Economy:

“The relevance of this event is that it brings together in one place suppliers and buyers from all sectors of the industry in Mexico, such as automotive, electronics, metalworking, telecommunications, plastics, chemicals and textiles.” This leaves in a more than evident plane the need to carry out large events of this type in Monterrey and other relevant cities.


Details of Mexico’s Industry Supply Chain in Monterrey

Mexico’s Industry Supply Chain will be attended by suppliers from more than 12 countries and 26 states of the Mexican Republic, according to information provided by René Mendoza, current national president of the Industry Supply Chain in Mexico (CAPIM), and who is also the organizer of the event.

Among other information provided by Rivas Rodríguez, the event comes as a response to some of the problems caused by the high prices in logistics operations when bringing products from Asia to the American continent, which has even led to changes in the location of suppliers, who must also comply with the guidelines of the USMCA. Among them, is the contribution of 75% of auto parts to be officially recognized as regional products.

The announcement of this momentous event was attended by personalities from the sector, such as Alfredo Pacheco, director of the National Chamber of the Electronic Industry of Telecommunications and Information Technologies; Juan Benavente, president of the Mexican Association of Mold and Die Manufacturing; Alberto Bustamante, general director of the National Auto Parts Industry; Juan Carlos Martínez, president of Canieti Noreste; and Zelina Fernández, general director of Index in Nuevo León.

Taking advantage of the context of Mexico’s Industry Supply Chain, we must not forget the relevance of cargo insurance in today’s industry. With the advances of nearshoring and other logistics models that are making their way in an increasingly globalized world, the need to guarantee the integrity of your goods in transit and maintain the prestige of your business becomes stronger, especially when you can count on the advice and plans of experts with a long history providing the best facilities and options that fully adapt to your brand. We invite you to contact an advisor.



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