MSC adds new 24,000 TEU container ships to its fleet


Container ships play a critical role in the maritime transport of goods globally. These huge vessels are designed to carry standardized containers, known as TEUs (Twenty-Foot Equivalency Units), which simplify the process of loading and unloading goods at ports.

Its ability to transport large volumes of goods efficiently and safely has enabled the growth of international trade and the connection between continents, boosting the global economy.


The impact of high-capacity container ships on logistics efficiency

The use of container ships reaches a level with MSC, as the logistics giant has just added a new model with a capacity of 24,000 TEUs to its operations. This move, without a doubt, reaffirms the company’s commitment to achieving higher levels of efficiency and reduced delivery times thanks to the space that its new model can offer.

The official start of operations of this new container ship took place at the port facilities of Bremerhaven with a christening ceremony. It should be noted that its dimensions are 400 meters long and 61.5 meters wide and, of course, its incredible capacity for 24,346 TEUs.


Environmental innovation in maritime transport

Among the other features of the new MSC container ship, we can mention that it includes a small bulbous bow, large diameter propellers and ducts aimed at ensuring greater energy and fuel savings and reduction of CO2 emissions during these long journeys. The main idea or the clear message that we want to convey with the acquisition of this immense container ship is precisely the possibility of creating more environmentally friendly work environments, not only by expanding the capacity to transport more cargo, but also by making use of technologies that reduce current levels of pollution.

In addition, MSC has formalized an agreement with the municipal entities of Bremen and Hamburg, committing to use electric power when its ships are docked at the docks of these cities.



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